What to Consider When Deciding Where to Live in Victoria

Ask any hardened homeowner and they’ll tell you that there’s more to moving than just finding a house. Depending on your interests, you’ll want to make sure there are adequate amenities close by and that you can access them easily.

For instance, being by the mountains may be crucial for outdoor enthusiasts Or, for those that are raising kids, living by a great selection of schools will be a must.

Whether you’re making the move from elsewhere in BC or are simply deciding to switch things up, knowing where to live in Victoria all comes down to personal preference. Here are five different categories you may want to consider before deciding where to buy a new house.


For those who are interested in wining and dining, you’ll want to be nearby Downtown Victoria. Full of fantastic bars and even better food, a night on the town is easily accessible.  Neighbourhoods like James Bay, Fairfield and Fernwood are all in close proximity, so keep an eye out for houses in these areas.


When deciding where to live in Victoria, it’s important to consider the nearest available infrastructure, such as schools, hospitals and transportation. For those that are raising kids, you’ll want to be by the best educational institutions, either public or private. Click here to find the nearest available elementary schools.

Likewise, if you are often in need of medical assistance, being by a health facility will be critical. Most medical centres are located close to Downtown Victoria, so any of the surrounding neighborhoods should do.

Cultural Centres

Victoria has a rich history, and as such, is overflowing with cultural landmarks, art galleries and museums. You can find a number of these institutions just north of Beacon Hill Park, making James Bay the ideal neighbourhood if you’re passionate about the arts.

Outdoor Activities

We touched on this one already, but it’s worth going over in greater detail. Vancouver Island is an absolute eden for anyone interested in outdoor activities and adventure. From our huge selection of world-class hiking, to the beautiful beaches and amazing surf, there are no shortage of outdoor things to do in Victoria. The best part? Anywhere you decide to buy a new house will have access to these outdoor amenities.

But getting outside doesn’t need to be extreme. Check here for the nearest parks and playgrounds in each neighbourhood before settling on something for good.


Depending on how often you travel, you may want to live closer to a major transportation hub such as the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal or YYJ. There’s nothing worse than sitting in crosstown traffic, unsure whether you’ll make your flight. For those coming from Oak Bay, Esquimalt and Downtown Victoria, this commute may be tough. Consider purchasing property further north such North Saanich, Sidney and Brentwood Bay.

By now, you should have a sense for the sort of things you can expect from different areas of Victoria. When you are deciding where to live, make sure to consider what it is you want. If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, contact me at Sold in Victoria.

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